Why you shouldn’t use fluid ballasting in your radial tyres

rencontre usa gratuit Filling your tyres with water is a sure-fire way to increase soil compaction, tyre wear and the risk of tyre failure. It also comes with a range of other negative effects which is why Harvest Tyres engineers do not recommend fluid ballasting your modern radial tyres on any tractor.

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http://sumarplant.ro/franciye/118 When tyres were mostly bias ply construction, water filling or fluid ballasting was a common practice. But due to changes in tyre construction and a move from bias ply to radial tyres over the past 20 years it is no longer recommended.

enter site Filling your tyres with water causes additional strain to be placed on your tyres and your machinery. Because water is heavier than air you will find yourself using more horsepower and fuel to achieve the same speeds you usually travel at. You will also find that your tyres get hotter and wear faster. This is because water holds more heat than air. So not only will your tyres be heavier, hotter and wear faster, you’ll also be wasting more fuel.

http://metodosalargarpene.es/ebioer/4848 Water also negatively affects the natural characteristics of your radial tyres. Radial tyres are designed to flex in the sidewall. Filling your tyres with water reduces the tyres ability to flex its sidewall which can and usual does result in damage or increased wear.

dating sites in panipat But additional tyre wear, increased fuel usage and machinery wear are not the only ways filling your tyres with water is costing you more. Water filled tyres means more soil compaction, affecting your crop yields and your livelihood.

partnervermittlung helga erfahrungen While these are just some of the reasons why fluid ballasting or "water filling" your radial tyres is not recommended there is another big reason not to do it; it voids your tyre’s warranty. That's because your tyre is not intended for use outside of the manufactures recommendations and as stated at the beginning of this article; Harvest tyres engineers do not recommended fluid ballasting your modern radial tyres.

binäre optionen nzz So don’t be dill when you fill. Always follow your manufactures recommendations on correct tyre pressure and always use air. If you need more weight you can always add ballasts to your tractor to improve your traction and pulling power.

conocer chicas panama For help setting your tyre pressure correctly and getting the best result from your Harvest tyres call Harvest today on 1300 761 802! 

mature free single dating site http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/1687 Harvest tyres technical team have recently been recognised as industry leading experts in agricultural tyres. Find out more.

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