Design Concept

Harvest Tractor & Agricultural Tyres are designed by the Australian Tyre Traders Technical Team. They have been designed to perform extremely well in Australian environmental and working conditions.

The team is headed by Ed Jensz (engineer) and Russell Kennedy (technical advisor), who between them have over 80 years experience in tyre R&D, tyre design, field testing and manufacturing specifically for Australian rural industry groups.

harvest agricultural tyres philiosophy

harvest agricultural tyres concept

harvest agricultural tyres challenges

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High Strength Construction: Build a tyre that assumes maximum work load in all applications.
Compound Selection: Farm tyres are required to work in several major soil tyres throughout Australia - all have their own tread wear characteristics. Compounds used have a high percentage of natural rubber and are resistant to weather cracking & soil abrasions, plus have a special tough tread rubber for longer wear.
Pattern Selection: Pattern selection to perform well in all soil types when fitted to a variety of farm equipment vehicles and position. Tread pattern design in both bias ply and radial construction has a 45 degree lug angle with outstanding service life and self-cleaning characteristics.

Technology points of difference:

  • Improved traction / load carrying performance on high horsepower tractors (high sustained torque loads)
  • Casing construction technology to alleviate sidewall stress and bead strain
  • Develop construction philosophy by tyre size (built to maximise performance standards in each size and application)
  • Road stability: less vibration
  • Develop products in 60, 65 and 85 series for durability that provide larger, wider footprints
  • Develop products with different widths, loads and the same rolling circumferences (60, 65, 70 & 85 series sizes)


Section Drawings

Thanks to our R&D team, Harvest Agricultural Tyres have been able to develop specialist products in both radial and bias ply constructions, purpose built for Australian conditions.

Only the highest quality components are used in the construction of our tyres. The below diagrams depict the cross sections of our Radial and Dual Bead component layouts. Every aspect of the design of Harvest Agricultural Tyres are focussed on the needs of Australian farmers, their various applications and their various soil types.


Cross sections